Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Don't drag me!!

What you want? Just when I thought it's done & suggested that we act nothing happened, but you refuse to give any respond to it. Why so difficult?

What's playing on your mind??!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sagittarius Woman

Hmmm I would think these are very truth descriptions about my sign for women~

  • Rather be hurt by truth than happy with lies.
  • Ignorance is not bliss.
  • Can be playful & flirty one minute & passionately serious & demanding the next.
  • Have an "I'll do it myself" attitude.
  • Easily amused yet easily bored.
  • Need to consider every single possibility & outcome before making a final decision.
  • Often in the battle between mind vs. heart.
  • Personality differs depending on mood.
  • Hate sitting around waiting for people or things to happen.
  • When something is over, there is no turning back, time to move forward.
  • Wants to feel protected, but not controlled.
  • Constantly contradict themselves, often without realizing, and there is nothing they hate more when they can't decide.
  • Express better through writing instead of speech.
  • Commonly have mood swings.
  • Like to be spoiled but don't misinterpret that for being high maintenance.
  • Act tough to your face, break down when alone, and then act tough to herself.
  • Will correct people when he or she is wrong.
  • Love to indulge in fantasy.
  • Clumsy.
  • Loves to be challenged.
  • Blindly optimistic.
  • If you cant stand her behaviour, confront her directly & she will respect you for it.
  • Ironically, when you give a sagittarius woman the space she wants, all she wants is you.
  • Not easy to love, but through the thick & thin will stay by your side.
  • Rather know the truth & be disappointed instead of constantly guessing.
  • Eternal students that never stop learning & sharing experiences.
  • Having vast amount of friends but only keeping one or two close.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Health Conscious II

From my last post, I was talking about plans, motivations & goals....

1. Eat regularly, adequately & healthy.
a) 3-4 light meals a day.
b) Be choosy, choose wisely on which kind of food or nutrition to consume more or less. More on veges & fruits; cut down on meat, esp red meat, take more fish & chicken instead of pork, lamb, beef; no more big bowl rice, alternately consume noodle, beehon, oats, brown rice (errr..abit hard la i'm "rice tong").

2. Exercise regularly.
a) 2-3 times a week.
b) Improve Cardiovascular Endurance. Eg. Run, cycling, walk, etc.
c) Burn fats, gain muscles instead (of course not men's muscle, just to be firm). This requires weight training.

3. Sleep before 11. Or 12 at least. 7-8hrs.

4. Say NO to alcohol! (Part of the reason, my gastric problem that always annoyed me!)

5. Drink more WATER!! MORE!!! (Almost forget this, like I always forget to drink water too =.=)

1. Be in shape, FIT not FAT! To wear nice cloths :D
2. Improve metabolism.
3. Improve health condition.
4. Better skin condition.
5. Be confident!

1. Lose 5 kgs! Arrgggggh....scratching head!
2. Heart Rate within 60-80% of my maximum HR for Cardiovascular training.
3. No constipation. =P *blush*
4. Good skin condition. Reducing dark circles & eye bags, no pimple, etc.
5. Deng, sleep early la...bubbly so much now already over 12 still talk about sleep early wo, keep skin la.... =.= (Hehe joking, but really over time, must SLEEP!)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Health Conscious

The recent me just joined gym & did health screening, trying to be health conscious & hope to stay in healthy lifestyle.

Gained weight a lot since working, getting annoyed with photos taken getting fatter & fatter. The double chin, giant arms, spare tyres, fml!

To stay healthy, 2 things must do:
  1. Healthy Dietary
  2. Regular exercise
So.....I must have plans, motivations & goals to stay away from FAT, kick away gastric problem & be in shape!

Opps it's 12am I must get on bed, another important healthy step which cannot be omitted.

To be continue....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

LOVE Blind

Women can be blind while in love, no matter how negative the love could be, women could accept without thinking subsequent effects, they trust their hearts even it always wrong.

It's like the mind says "no", the heart says "go". Women are animals that usually follow their hearts.

A best friend of mine is the best example, currently with a guy unofficially (the guy never intends to declare their so called relationship). Both of them are single, why couldn't that guy declare them as couple in fact they date like one, doing everything the usual couple does (eg. kiss, hug, met the parents, etc) , but never confront in front of her or anyone that she is his girl friend. But she is definitely dying for him.

Her birthday was near, she kept on said she never expected him to do anything special for her (obviously lying to herself). But when the guy really did nothing on the actual day, she sad she disappointed, she cried... tremendously. Then, the guy spent some time to explain his excuses, her hopes raised again.

On her birthday,I was quite pissed off & speechless with her as she called me & crying on the other side, requested me rush to her place right after work. But she just dumped me without notice or pick up my call, while she received the full of excuses' call when I was flying to her place. I ended up back home without getting any response, she returned call after even I had my dinner at home. Friendship cost just nothing when love exist.

The above situation happened to me two, three years back. That's why I actually advised her many times not to follow my old path as the history hurts so bad. I just felt stupid for myself, I can't let myself be so unwise now. I was helpless to get her out of this, in fact no one understands better than me, love is really blind.

Perhaps meanwhile in my "empty period", I couldn't determine how crazy I would still, for LOVE. But, I truly believe that; the man who really loves you, won't let you cry or sad for him. =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


No matter how hard I tried, I just can't fit in. When you know the hat size not suitable for you to fit in, why force & struggle yourself keep on trying & lying to yourself that you can actually fit well?

After several attempts of trying, you know there won't be any changes except hurts, you fed up, you tend to give up, leave & stop trying anymore.

Ever thought of, why don't I try to change myself to fit well, it might suitable if I change my style? But that won't be me anymore, why should I hide my true self to fit in the so called hat that cannot brings out my own personality but the hat's shadow?

A person wear cloth to brings out personality, not to hide your own personality underneath cloth.

And what I'm talking about is not just merely cloth if you can see.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Found a meaningful quote online: Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change.

At least this is meaningful to me, especially the last part ~ let go of what you can't change!

总觉得放下看似无情,过不了自己。。想想,有些改变不了的事,再执着,再缅怀也只能是过去,是现在改变不了也看不到的回忆。很多事是注定,既然改变不了就往前看,看着未来的路得如何走, 又有哪些路人会出现,因为你无法控制或预料谁何时走近何时离去。 时间就象隧道,很多人来往,留不住人就只好把美好的回忆留住。。。